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We've Moved!!!

Hello! Please join us at our new home: Can't wait to see you there!

We’ve Moved!!

September 7, 2010

Hi friends! I thought I would do one final post on the old blog just in case anyone is still following us here and hasn’t moved over to our new home.  Please come join us at

We miss you, and we want to show off our new digs.

Moving Day!

August 9, 2010

Happy Monday friends, it is finally moving day! Starting today we will be having cocktails at

so come on over! If you have been following and/or linking (Thank You!!!) please update your links/feeds/bloglovin’ etc. Can’t wait to see you all in my new (although, not yet fully decorated) home!

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Wonky Key

August 5, 2010

I’m a little in love with this Wonky Key Necklace by In God We Trust. Don’t you love the droopy key (and the adorable name)? It looks like it was found in an old abandoned house somewhere, partly melted in a fire maybe.  I think it would make a perfect “key to my heart” gift, sweet but imperfect, just the way it should be.

Style Inspiration: Hayley Williams

August 3, 2010

My inner redhead is getting louder and louder lately.  I think she is tired of being stuck on the inside all these years and wants to come out. Currently she is obsessed with Hayley Williams‘ lovely tresses. Isn’t she gorgeous? I keep trying to explain to inner redhead that while I love Hayley’s hair too, we are not a rock star and absolutely cannot pull this off. But you know inner redhead is pretty unreasonable, so we keep collecting photos of red shades much bolder than ourselves. Do you have an inner redhead? Or is she maybe a blonde/brunette/raven haired lady?

Getting There: Finish Line

August 2, 2010

Well, it is August dear friends! How did we all do on our goals?  I hope everyone made progress, a plan, a few steps forward. If you have reached your goal let us know (and yay!!) and if you aren’t quite there yet let us know how far you’ve gone, and keep going! How did I do on my goal? Well, let’s see the journey went a little something like this…..

Get up the guts to switch to my own domain. Chicken out. Back to the plan. Chicken out. Get a grip, it’s just a website! Chicken out. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Search for a host. Realize that there are eleventy billion options. Freak. Fight the natural Virgo urge to pick the absolute perfect host. Lose fight. Do way too much research. Eat way too many Fudge Pops. Freak some more. Choose host.

Inadvertently find out shady info about chosen host (by further losing the fight against Virgo perfectionism and reading a million reviews). Totally lose it. Rant. Curse. Scream to husband about “freedom of speech” and “rights” and “the bloody principle of the thing!”. Back to host search. Cope by consuming bricks of Vermont Sharp Cheddar.

Choose by pretty much flipping a coin. Get started. Control panel is totally different. Makes no sense. Someone help me. There is much installing, configuring, waiting, confirming, and convoluting. Quickly realize it takes sixty lines of code to set my background to white.  Flash back to Algebra class and wondering who these jokers were trying to make me do “math” with no numbers, recognize the familiar WTF feeling. Bang head on laptop, step it up to the fancy Seaside Irish Cheddar.

Through much feet stomping and googling find the miracle that is the Headway Theme. Enjoy the faint sounds of the Hallelujah chorus as I start designing in plain English. Vow to make out with the Headway peeps. You know, after I lose the extra poundage from all the fudge and cheddar. Oy.

And that, my dear people, is where I have been all this time.  We are almost ready to move over to our very own domain, which feels almost the way it felt when we were buying our house (no landlord, it’s mine mine mine!).  By the end of the week we will be moving, and as with any move this means that we might have to sit on cardboard boxes for a bit while we paint and decorate.  I will be posting here until we are ready to go so stay tuned, I’ve missed you all!!!


July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!! I know, I know. I said I would “post lightly” and then posted not at all. I have excuses and they make for a good story which I will tell next week.  Right now let’s just focus on what’s really important, cocktail time!

This week’s cocktail comes with a story of  innovation, and woe. The husband was out of town which meant I was living it up bachelorette style (foreign language films, tiny finger foods, cocktails, and the dog on the bed) and found myself without Vermouth for my Martini. After much searching I decided to add lime juice and honey to the lonely gin and  so proud of my delicious discovery upon his return declared to the husband that I had invented a new drink and I shall call it a Gin Margarita.  Fast forward to the next season of Mad Men when Betty Draper orders a Gimlet and receives a drink that looks exactly like the concoction in my glass. Google, sadness, I have invented nothing, the Gimlet has been around since the 1920’s.  Woe.

Usually when something hits the big time I declare it dead to me (example: Cosmos are delicious but I will nevah order one on principle) but the Gimlet is too delicious and has instead become our Mad Men watching cocktail of choice. And of course you must have a cocktail while watching Mad Men (unless you are catching up on seasons on DVD, this might result in you being blitzed out of your mind, you’ve been warned). Have a great weekend, and enjoy a Gimlet on Sunday night!


1 oz. Lime Juice

1 tsp. Simple Syrup or Superfine Sugar

1 1/2 oz. Gin

Shake with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass.

P.S. When ordering a Gimlet in a bar make sure to mention the gin as most bartenders today will respond with a vodka Gimlet. Which while legit is just not as tasty.

Getting There: Round the Bend

July 26, 2010

Oh friends, I’ve missed you. We’re back with light posting this week.  You see I’ve never really outgrown the classic toddler foot stomping “I can do it myself” attitude and am therefore creating my own website without help of anyone who actually knows what they are doing.  As you might imagine at this point I’ve basically gone completely round the bend, but I will finish this little project by August if it is the end of me. And it probably will be, since I can’t code my way out of a wet paper bag.  Cross your fingers for me, here’s hoping that we will soon be chatting on my very own domain!

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